Energetically, the foundation of your organization, its purpose and overall vision needs to match your brand identity—what your target client sees and experiences about your company. Your brand identity is the personality of your organization and the promises it makes.

To see your branding clearly, look at it from two different perspectives: helicopter height to see where your organization and brand are going, and beach level, to make sure what’s going on right now matches those goals.

Helicopter Height

  • What are the big goals for your organization?
  • Do the large-scale ideas that form the foundation of your establishment feed into these goals/mandate?
  • Are your clients, donors and/or the groups you serve aware of your organization and its intended purpose?

Beach Level

  • Is your organization on track to accomplish its goals?
  • If not, what do you need to change to reach them?
  • Does your present brand identity match your company’s purpose and personality?

An Agency’s Comprehensive Focus

Both macro and micro perspectives are crucial, as branding is an ongoing process that can’t be rushed. Branding is about establishing a relationship with your organization’s clients. Yours is a story that you want your ideal customers to be interested in. Building a brand strategy will help you hone your business experience both internally and from the client’s perspective.

Professional assistance can ensure your business communication and experience is cohesive across many areas including:

  1. Written content
  2. Website and online marketing and advertising
  3. Brick-and-mortar store fronts
  4. Print materials, sales and customer service
  5. With employees

If your organization develops specific events or projects, you may need create separate brand identities for each of those. This is called branch branding.

Branch Branding: The Personality of Your Organization’s Offspring

  • Branch branding also requires a process to see where you are now and where you want to be, once the project is complete.
  • Defining your expectations for the project helps shape the marketing materials: written, visual, online and offline presence.
  • The new branch brand while echoing your overall branding will have a feel all of its own, and needs to be treated as its own entity. It’s your new baby and as it grows it takes on its own personality and brand identity.

Creating your organization’s brand and branch brands is a complex endeavour. With proficiency comes perspective. Consulting with an experienced agency to develop a branding strategy will ensure that your organization achieves all its goals. 


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