We know Canadians have been stepping up during the pandemic: our frontline workers are tirelessly taking care of the elderly and the sick, people are working in the community cleaning, serving, delivering, and transporting essential goods. Leading by example, our provincial medical officer in BC, Bonnie Henry, advocates being kind, being calm and staying safe. Science reigns but at the base of her message is to take care of each other. We are seeing positive change in action.

Light up the world this holiday season by sharing your intention to make a difference.

It takes millions of such positive actions to counter the effects of one devastating virus. Change is inevitable and if the change isn’t a positive one, we still have the choice of how we respond. Making positive change happen is about awareness and seeing what is happening around you and asking yourself, what can I do, as an individual, being part of a business or organization to make a difference in the lives of others?

Businesses Stepping Up
Back in April, Blair Wilson’s business, Forbidden Spirits Distilling Company, in Kelowna gave out free hand sanitizer. “The federal and provincial governments have done some great things, assisting Canadians through this tough period,” he said. “I thought, well, the government has helped us, let’s turn around and help out the community.”

Positive Change at Work
More recently in December, the business, Chapman’s Ice Cream of Markham, Ontario offered to store the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines requiring freezing in sub -70C temperatures. They secured two refrigerators for this purpose; it’s not the first time the company has provided freezer space for storing vaccines having been asked decades ago, by the government to be prepared to help out in a public health emergency.

This year BC citizens raised $2,500,036 in the annual CBC/Radio-Canada’s annual Open House and Food Bank Day, a wild record as people recognized the extraordinary need, a pandemic has created.
These are a few examples of altruistic events that have happened across Canada this year. Each gesture, whether game-changing like the Chapman’s offer, or the acts of kindness and generosity occurring in all our communities daily, roll together to create positive change.

Do you feel a desire to be part of something larger than yourself, to contribute to the collective good? Reach out; talk to people about your thoughts and ideas and find out theirs. Change starts with thoughts and ideas. Once shared, ideas can be transformed into actions which can then generate a better and brighter future for everyone.


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