Your target audience is ultimately looking for connection with you and will develop a relationship with your brand if it resonates with them.

Answer these questions to create and clarify your brand story.
1. Where are you now?

You want to give your audience a glimpse into where you are now. This helps position you as an expert and builds your credibility. It is good to keep this part succinct.

2. What was your breakthrough moment?

What was the pivotal occasion in your business or organizations history that steered you towards the work you are doing today? This is often a breakthrough moment that ultimately led to the formation of your brand.

3. When was your breakthrough moment?

This is frequently something simple, not necessarily a huge moment, though it can be. It is sometimes related to a occasion or an event. This is the moment that compelled your business or organization into fruition.

4. What did you experience that was interesting or inspiring?

Your story is unique, but it is shared for the benefit of others. You will want to figure out how to authentically communicate what you leaned along the way. Specifically, through the breakthrough moments that led you to the work you now do.

5. What is your Why?

Sharing your why is a powerful way to transition from your story into the message that you ultimately want to convey about your work. It also shows others the driving force behind what your business or organization does and the depth of your brand character.

5. How does your story relate to your audience?

Remember to make your story understandable. You want to make sure it applies to your audience so they can relate it
back to their own lives. Always keep in mind that behind every customer, client, purchaser and decision maker is a person.


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