The fact that Fern Sabo brings over twenty years of award-winning marketing and visual design experience to her agency, Spring Creative is all the more remarkable because of her upbringing. She was raised off the grid in the remote community of Argenta, deep in the Kootenay Mountains.

A forest home 
Home-schooled, her days were mostly spent outside, surprisingly Fern also had early access to computers. Her father made sure she could investigate the digital world.

Fern’s natural aptitude for technology was complemented by her intuitive grasp of balance and design. Her mother, a freelance artist and educator savvy in promoting her own artwork encouraged the latter inclination in young Fern.

Witnessing The Future Role Of Technology
It was 1997 and Fern was twenty years old. Microsoft had launched Windows 95 a few years before and Google was two years shy of its start-up. In a Kootenay business initiative between Selkirk College and Community Futures Development Corporation, Fern worked with a youth group to build a community-based business from the ground up. Witnessing the speed at which large quantities of knowledge and data could be stored and shared she could see how the future of communication would evolve. It was a pivotal moment for her.

The ability to connect with each other like never before; the freedom to think more critically and creatively; the opportunity to find solutions to complex problems and to swiftly share information excited Fern and propelled her forward.

A Born Strategist
A natural organizer with a passion for positive change in the world, Fern embraced the place where she could make the biggest impact: helping other people do the same through their organizations and businesses. She delved into digital strategy and visual design for both nonprofit and corporate organizations. This further cultivated her deep respect for cooperation and community.

She sat on school boards, spearheaded fundraising campaigns and managed sponsorship programs. Fern negotiated park preservation, walked in marches for climate change and presented at rallies motivating citizen action. She led projects focused on waste reduction and anti-slavery action, as well as engaged neighbourhoods in numerous collaborative campaigns.

In addition, she oversaw numerous six-figure projects that included working with high profile clients. Here, accountability and time management were especially critical in facilitating her clients’ successes.

Fern-Sabo-and-Jean-Houston Fern-Sabo-and-Jean-Houston

Inspiration For Spring Creative
Fern has been inspired by the wisdom of Jean Houston, an influential figure in human potential, and Helen Keller, the blind, deaf author with whom Fern shares a birthday. She also holds a profound reverence for Aristotle’s concept of entelechy, which refers to the inherent force guiding us toward realizing potential, akin to the innate wisdom of an acorn destined to become a towering oak.

She also has a deep love of and faith in Aristotle’s term entelechy—a concept referring to the vital force that guides growth in all things to actualize their potential. The same sort of intrinsic knowledge held by an acorn allows it to become a mighty oak.

Such wisdom can be applied to groups of people striving for common objectives. Fern has witnessed first-hand how important synergy is amongst team members. By working together in a cohesive manner, everyone aligning with project goals, success is something that naturally occurs in a team. Having also seen the opposite, when disjointed teams become strained, negatively affecting projects, she strives toward growth, co-operation and communication. With this in mind Fern established Spring Creative.

Spring Creative Inc. is an award-winning agency specializing in marketing, design, and digital services. We empower brands to communicate effectively and confidently. Based in Nelson, BC, Canada. Reach out to learn more!

If you need help with your brand or would like to learn more about our services Book a Meeting today. Fern Sabo Founder/CEO | Spring Creative Inc.

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