Naturally, We Love Kokanee

Marketing/Graphic Design

We love supporting the natural world in any way we can. So, when Friends of Kootenay Lake (FOKSS) asked us to help them with some of their marketing projects we were naturally thrilled to lend a hand.

Because of the important work they do to keep Kootenay Lake, and it’s inhabitants, healthy, FOKLSS has been our Agency’s chosen non-profit partner since our inception. Due to the damming of its major river systems, as well as an increase in human impact, Kootenay Lake’s sensitive species such as the Kokanee Salmon are in need of continual monitoring and ongoing support.

We worked with FOLKSS to help them create a branded Kokanee sticker that could be used to support their ongoing public awareness campaign regarding this regionally significant fish. 

We have also ascertained other key areas where we can support their efforts through additional design and brand strategy work.

Kokanee Salmon-Sticker
Work for preservation society FoKLSS
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